Pete Holmes and the Weirdness Empire

Writing a review of a podcast is hard, because most people don’t even have the beginnings of an understanding of what the podcasting world is like. Lots of people have heard of This American Life, Radiolab and recently the blockbuster true-crime podcast Serial. Those podcasts are the ones that hover on top of the iTunes charts indefinitely, and they have million-dollar budgets provided by NPR.

Who Should a Yearbook Remember?

In the wake of the grand jury ruling out of Clayton last week, CNN published a surprisingly good article about “racism without racists.” For the most part, the problem we have as a country right now isn’t about racial slurs, the KKK and the back of the bus. It’s about the foundational systems and beliefs we have in place that “cause unsuspecting people to see the world through a racially biased lens.” One of those racially biased lenses is the lens of history– the lens that East has used to celebrate the vast majority of its long existence.