that’s one way.
days dropped between
my fingers like loose sand.
or dream during day,
live life all at night.
pray the wind got in
on the plan.
spend your summer
flying kites. make love
to semi-strangers
and origami in your
spare time.
bludgeon through each rhyme.
for example,
you could find a flashy cape in mom’s closet,
superglue it to your skin and sing out so loud
your friends grow deaf
and passerby think you’ve really lost it.
camp out on a golf course
clutching par like a pistol.
and you could even go further.
gun down a flock of crows, and
whistle about your top ranking.
(w/r/t: getting away with murder.)
adopt a hundred feeble dogs
and assorted speckled kittens.
wade thru the mewling fur,
sooth the needy sea lapping at your feet
and assume as law what’s written.
jack knife into the deep end
and tread water with
apparent ease.
walk around in nice
shoes, screaming
“my father gave me these.”
wear your sole out walking
circles in the desert.
sink into the ocean
and get crushed by the pressure.
fall in love with passing butterflies.
get very lost in the dark.
“you’re not quite like other guys,
yes, including mark.”
work harder than mark,
jack, jason or stewart.
prove dead wrong all those
who say you can’t do it.
or don’t.
also, that’s fine.
either way just blink.
leave the rest up to time.


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